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Fast and reliable leak detection for residential and commercial spaces

Fewer things are as stressful and potentially expensive as a water or a gas leak in your home or commercial space. Even a minor water leak can skyrocket your bills, to say nothing of the significant damages and potential health hazards it can cause. Gas leaks are even more dangerous, and need to be tackled even faster.

Fortunately, your local leak detection specialists in Wandsworth are here to save you stress and money. We use state-of-the-art non-intrusive leak detection technology to identify and solve the issue right at the source, even if it happens to be in a hard-to-reach area of your plumbing or gas system.

We will first carry out a full leak investigation of your property to assess the type and approximate location of the leak, allowing us to choose the best detection method for the job.

As a number of insurance providers cover leak detection, we will provide you with a full job report after we carry out a successful leak detection. This can be sent to your provider to reimburse the cost of our services.


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Thermal Imaging Leak Detection – Ideal for hot water leaks, central heating and pipework

If we believe the issue lies with your hot water system, we will use specialised infrared cameras to detect temperature variations in your central heating and pipework.

This removes all guesswork from the equation and provides precise and reliable leak detection, all without needing to cause unnecessary damage to your property by tearing apart your walls, floors or ceilings.


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Tracer Gas Leak Detection – Ideal for all types of water and gas leaks

Tracer gas provides a reliable, safe and accurate method for detecting leaks in your plumbing or gas system.

One of our plumbing and heating experts in Wandsworth will simply introduce an inert gas into your heating or plumbing system (We use a combination of nitrogen and hydrogen, which is perfectly safe if introduced to drinking water pipework), before using specialist equipment to detect the gas as it escapes and trace this to the source of the leak.



Acoustic Leak Detection – Ideal for running water, heating systems and pipework

Our acoustic leak detection services are perfect for pinpointing the exact location of a water or gas leak using the power of sound waves, making it ideal for leaks under concrete or other dense materials which our other methods might struggle to locate.

This involves using incredibly sensitive microphones and amplifiers to detect the distinct sound of running water or hissing gas, eliminating the need for expensive invasive measures and minimising disruption.

As part of our commitment to putting our customers first and providing stellar service, we are more than happy to recommend the next steps once we have detected (and addressed, if possible) the source of your leak. This might include minor repairs, pipe replacements or further preventative measures such as further maintenance or early leak detection systems.


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